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In 2021, Alive Community Network launched a new project named Project HEAR which aims to Hear, Empathize, Affirm and Recognise the Siblings of Special Needs Children. We do these through our educational talks by Field Professionals like Educational Psychologists and Developmental Psychologists. We also invite Adult Special Needs Siblings for Heart to Heart Talks where they share with parents and siblings alike on their growing up years and the unique challenges and joy they experience as they mature into adulthood.   

In addition, ACN organizes workshops for Special Needs Siblings to learn together with other siblings who are in the same shoes. These workshops are aimed for them to See, Interact, Bonds and Share (SIBS) with one another.

Some examples of the workshops we have conducted include loom knitting, felt flower making, Magic Fathers’ Day Card making, Nagomi Art, crochet to name a few. We will be launching new ones in the last quarter of 2023.

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Felt Flower Craft

Journey with Siblings Talk Series

We were privileged to have Dr Cheryl Seah, Director of Center for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) to speak to us in 2021. She spoke passionately about the importance of supporting the Special Needs Siblings Emotionally.
In addition, we had Ms Cindy Kua, Senior Psychologist and Founder of Skillbuilders, share with the parents about the challenges that their Typically Developing Children faced during their growing up year.
ACN was honoured to collaborate with CaringSG on a talk entitled “Special Siblings – Just As Special”. Five adult siblings were invited to share about their growing up years as caregivers to their siblings as well as hopes and desires for their siblings.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

Christopher Reeve

Felt Flower Craft

Heart to Heart Talk Series in collaboration with SibsUnite

Workshops for Parents

We also organised a series of talks for parents and adult siblings of persons with special needs to connect and share their experiences and resources with fellow caregivers. They generously shared about the challenges and joy they had experienced throughout their growing up years as siblings and parents. They shared insights, tears and laughter and we were grateful for the collaboration of SibsUnite for these talks.  

Workshops for Typically Developing Children

We launched a series of workshops focused on the needs of the Typically Developing Children as we wanted to Hear, Empathize, Affirm and Recognise the roles that they have assumed in their families. These workshops included educational ones as well as recreational virtual parties and craft workshops.  

Care Pack Distribution

COVID-19 has affected many families, especially those with Special Needs Individuals. They may find life increasingly challenging in these unprecedented times. 

Alive Community Network (ACN) periodically organizes Care Packages Distributions to low-income families, including those with persons with special needs, in hopes of easing some of their burdens.  Sign up here to join us in our efforts to bring cheer to them.


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