About Us

Alive Community Network

Making Community Alive

Alive Community Network is a not-for-profit charity organisation in Singapore. The Charity was set up on 4 October 2002 as a society. We were officially registered under the Charities Act in 2004 and have been a member of the National Council of Social Service.  

Mission and Vision


  • To be a community of active social carers, reaching out to youth, young adults, seniors and families, encouraging them and equipping them.


  • To be a caring Community.

Our Values

  • Moulding Lives – We lead people of today to become resilient citizens of tomorrow.
  • Equipping Lives – We develop programs to equip the community to better care for those in need.
  • Enriching Lives – We help people find direction and purpose in life and their relationships.
  • Touching Lives – We extend helping hands to those who want to reach their fullest potential.

Our Objectives

  • To provide talks, seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences on family, marriage, youth, singlehood, ageing and other related topics, matters and social issues.
  • To provide counseling, social and educational support to members of the public.
  • To increase awareness among professionals of the needs of the community and the ways they can contribute.
  • To harness the support of professional groups and volunteers to develop social, welfare and community programmes and activities for the community.

Alive Community Network

Join us , volunteer and contribute to the community!